English Version: Five Products of Pharmacy

Hello girls , today is post in english for you !

One of the things that Brazilian love most is being able to travel outside Brazil and buy those wonderful products that are expensive where we live , but for those who live outside of Brazil that is no problem.

Today I will review five products you can find in American pharmacies. Produtcs those we love and who has a super cool price. I took as a reference to Duane pharmacy Reade.Vamos check!

1º Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Refill Pack:


It is great to be able to remove the makeup without harming the skin . Easy removal , moisturizes facial skin , easy makeup removal in the eye area . Value U.S. $ 6.29

2º Maybelline Color Pearls Marbleized EyeStudio Baked Eyeshadow :


Duo eye shadow from Maybelline with a touch of pearl in two colors . Its color is excellent . Price: U.S. $ : 6.79

3º Dove care STYLE + Strength & Shine Hairspray :


A hair spray that moisturizes and lightness. It gives shine to the hair with natural movement, but can also give volume to the hair. Value U.S. $ : 4.99

4º Maybelline Instant Age 4 Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer :


This concealer is great for those who have dark circles in need of treatment because it is the color of your dark circles and leave healthier . Value U.S. $ : 9.49

5º L’ Oreal Paris 5th Colour Riche Colour Riche Balm for Lips :


L’Oreal Paris lipstick that lasts 8 hours giving hydration during the day. It has various colors , but all in lighter shades . Value U.S. $ : 7.49

I hope you enjoyed the post a lot and I intend to bring more news for you 😉



Essential brushes for Beginners

Today really things related to fashion and beauty with you guys first.

Before you start talking about summer trend or something , I always wanted to talk to you about some brushes that are essential for a person who wants to start doing makeup.


 Many girls do not yet know whether or not know which makeup brushes to buy to get started to make up . Thinking about it , I decided to make a post saying to you what are the brushes that must be acquired and that are essential to make your own makeup .

Let’s start !


The first brush that you have to have in your kit is for a specific base. It is great to spread accurately its base for easy absorption, but if you prefer you can use your hands to spread the base.


The next would be a brush to move the powder on the face . It is always good to buy a big fluffy and easier to spread your powder brush.


Then you have the brush for blush . It is great because you can use it to contour the face , blush and spend it with the tip of the illuminator to apply (after learning how to do this technique to circumvent and illuminate ) .


Leaving for the eyes , have some essential brushes to blend . It is great for all you smudge the shadow and not leave marked on the eyelid .


We also have the pencil brush to shave low water line , in order to put shadow on the inner corner of the eyes and to mark the concave .


And the last essential brush for makeup beginner ‘s brush top right . It is great for blending shadow close to the upper lashes and give precision to their makeup .

I hope you enjoyed this first post in English and intend to bring more tips and tutorials to stay closer .

A Time for English

Hello guys, today I’m back to doing post in English.

When I first started blogging, I did some post in English because I noticed that many people who live outside the country entered the blog to know. But with time, I gave up doing these post, but now back and I will also bring to you tutorials in English.

Every 15 days I will post videos in English, so I can get closer to my readers.

I hope you enjoy this very newness that is coming;)


The Iphone 5C and 5S

Those who follow the news about the Apple brand is already knowing the brand launched a few months ago the new Iphone 5S and 5C. The two new versions are causing many people to travel to the United States pro buy one of these models, but the lines facing the probability of reaching the turn and no longer have the phone is big.


But now let’s talk a little about each model. The Iphone 5S is the most modern and complete brand. When he learned of the launch of the phone, and I was very happy to get my crazy. The price of it is starting at US$: 199.00 and the unlocked starting at US$: 649.00


Your settings are entirely new, not to mention that it comes with the iOS 7.0 update. He continues with the same format as the iPhone 5, but a few things were changed, as the camera has a higher resolution and has LED flash for higher quality, has the Touch ID that only you can unlock the phone with your fingerprint, contains new A7 chip that has higher resolution performance graphic design became more sophisticated and with three types of finishes: gold, silver and gray space, among others. Of course I will not be here talking about all the qualities of this new model, but I quoted a few things I found most interesting.

The Iphone 5C caught the attention of people because of their color. It is a totally different version than we’ve seen so far, even more so because we never thought that we could choose the color of your phone. You can choose from five colors, which are blue, green, yellow, white and pink. Moreover, you can also choose which cover to use on top, gives it a lot of fun with the colors.


Since your configuration is equal to the Iphone 5 without many changes. Its A6 chip the the same resolution performance of the previous version. Literally almost nothing changed the Iphone 5 and 5C, only that it is a more accessible, in the United States, and has the distinction of being in full color. Its value is starting at US$: 99.00 and the unlocked starting at US$: 549.00

Well, I could have a parameter of how these two models will stay longer and recommend that it is worth purchasing one of these models.